Once, Again

I am hot and pissed off. I tear another piece of tape off the roll and the sharp jagged edge of the dispenser drags my thumb along with the adhesive, neatly opening up the skin. I swear and pop my

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So This Is It

Sit back. Or wait – grab a glass of wine, or tea, or coffee, of whatever beverage likes to accompany you on your travels. I may be a minute here. Today is the 10 year anniversary of the day I

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Some Thangs

Bullets, as my mind is all over the place. – Like the early days with the babies, I had blocked out all that is involved with a small puppy. Just as looking back I have almost no memory of the

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What Went Around, Came Around

In November this year, it will have been 10 years since I was laid off from the telecomms company I worked for in Sweden. I fell into a pit of despair. I pulled myself up. I got a job in

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We’re Going Back To the Beginning, Vizzini

Many things, right now, feel like a circle. One of those giant, clich├ęd, metaphorical circles. I am at the end of the beginning which is the end. And just when I thought I knew it all, it transpires that I

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